I have two boys ages 21 and 17 who want a recurve bow for christmas. I have done a lot of research online and learned a great deal more than I knew three weeks ago, but I am still not confident enough to run out and make a purchase. I visited three archery shops as well and yet left without being certain that I was making a good purchase. My boys are age 21 5'11" and age 17 5'10". We came up with a 27.5 and 27 draw length. I was told that for their draw length they need a 66" to 68" bow length. We have been looking at the SAMICK JOURNEY price aside it seems to have great reviews as a beginner bow, but is only at a 64" length. These are meant to be a surprise for christmas and I want to make sure that I am not buying them a bow that is far to short. So to my questions 1 are these bows a good length for them. 2 are the olympic recurve bows supposed to be a longer length than the more traditional recurves? All of the information I get says they should have a 66 to 68 length but the Samick Sage and the Journey are not that long, which makes me assume that the traditional recurves don't have the same length requirements as the olympic. (They are not looking for olympic) or that the Samick Journey may simply be to short.