Carbon Express Covert SLS

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    Carbon Express Covert SLS

    hello what number aluminum arrows would my wife shot out of the Carbon Express Covert SLS. shes go allot of 2213 20 inch bolts left over from when she was shooting Excalibur Crossbows. wanting to know if these are fine. ty

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    I'm new to the crossbow and just bought a sls.... but this I know..... there are several different weight /diameter shafts. I would shoot the recommended tolerance that calls for the sls.

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    .344 or 11/32 diameter and 380-390gr minimum
    .....I have a scale so I weigh my bolts /arrows and heads

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    I got this bow and i shoot 2213 - 2219 out of it. but i play alot with my set ups. 2213's sould be fine as long as you stay above the minimum weight.
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