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    That's pretty good coming from George! I would think he knows both bows pretty well.

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    I have a carbon elite tenpoint, a middleton 355SS and the camx. It seems when I hunt I aways grab the camx. I make stocks and love wood but there is very little other than the warmth and look of wood that I'd change on that stock. its the best stock I've ever held as far as just grabbing it with the handle hole near the butt. I keep grabbing by the forearm and it sits on your lap and does not seem to slide. Only thing like I mentioned is the look and warmth of wood stocks. The camx stock is cold to handle late season. I am torn on whether I should bother making a stock for it. I love my Camx.
    X2 Enough cannot be said about the stock -- it is an "ergonomic" marvel!

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