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    Excellent! I'll be getting one in matte black....
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    Slide kits are sold out. We have another version in the works but not ready just yet.
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    Ray all I can say is wow! I'm so impressed!


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    I made my own cable slide conversion just to see what the difference would be. I make my own stabilizer weights and mounting brackets so I figured I might as well try this conversion as well. My bow was shooting great with the roller guard and Vegas was coming up so I was a bit hesitant.. I made the aluminum adapter, glued in a piece of carbon rod, found a slide and twisted the strings/cables up like Ray suggests in this thread. It shot so great that I ended up shooting it just a week later in Vegas. A couple weeks ago I had new strings built using Ray's custom lengths. Man what a difference those string lengths made!! It tuned so easy! Perfect bullet hole at 3 distances right away.

    I would highly recommend this conversion to anyone wanting to get the most out of their Matrix/Spyder!

    I'd like to thank Ray for going to the effort of making these slide conversions and figuring out the string lengths as well as posting them for everyone to use.

    Here are a couple pics of my version, Ray's is much nicer!!

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    Can you get one for factor a turbo yet?
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    Are these still available
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    back in stock! New version is also available for Hoyt "Turbo" aluminum models.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tripleb2431 View Post
    Can you get one for factor a turbo yet?
    Yes sir!! Right here:

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    Brownell bowstring products distributor

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