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Thread: Should I buy a Whisper Creek?

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    Should I buy a Whisper Creek?

    I know Whisper Creek is out of business, but there is a bow near me for sale at a pretty decent price. My question is, will it be hard to find parts? This would be my first compound. If you suggest I do not buy it, any suggestions on brand/model? I have a budget of $500 field ready. Thank you.

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    Run away from it imo.

    If I remember right, they had all kind of accuracy problems with the design, not to mention you would be out of luck on service if something should go wrong.

    You can find a ton of bows for your budget if you don't mind them being 5 years old or so. Nothing wrong with an older Hoyt Ultratec or Mathews Switchback all set up.
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    I agree with Sage. Stay away from that bow. You can probably find a fairly new Bowtech Assassin package for that price.
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    Agree with above posts. You can set yourself up much better for 500. Even a new set-up for that.
    good luck.

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    Unless the bow is a Whisper Creek Phantom, you won't find parts for it.

    Run away. You can likely get a ready to shoot package for that amount...
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    You need to check out the classifieds here.
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    55#/28.5"/Blacked out D340/Blk Octane hunter/LD Pro/Blk Tight Spot/Axcel Pro 5pin/ Axis 340s/Steelhead 125s = Deadly
    "Why we hunt is more important than when, where, or how" - Gene Wensel

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    Deff run and run away fast. I was a sales rep for them in 06. The accuracy and shootabilty was "ok". The bow over all was a miserable failure to the market. I sold my sales samples as cheap as I could go just to be rid of every trace of them. Parts would be all but impossible to find. Look at some of the 2013 PSE's alot of places are moving them cheap. Take a look at the Stinger 3G. Retailed at $300. Could prob find one at $250 or less. It will be a Huge Step over the Whisper Creek.
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    Thank you everyone for the advice and suggestions. I have been burned before with out of business companies. I got a Yerf-Dog rover with bad brakes not knowing the closed shop. Cant find brake shoes anywhere.

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    If u could get it for 50$. Thats all in would give.

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    I was a whisper creek dealer and I liked their bows I still have three, a sweet demise that became a franken bow, a sweet demise I bought broken but had parts on hand to fix and a stealth,,,,

    as much as I like them,, I can not recommend it............ look at the new pse line,, you can get new for under 500 at a couple others at 500

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