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Thread: Lighted nock for Mission crossbows

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    Lighted nock for Mission crossbows

    Firenocks makes nocks that work great in both the 320 and 360 in BEE arrows. I recently installed J nocks on my BEEs and am impressed with their fit
    and appearance. Sides are tapered just like the stock aluminum nocks, they are a 'capture' nock that fits tight onto the string, weigh just 7.5 grns. w/o the lighting mechanism.
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    Just come back form the Mathews dealer show. Just a head up, the new 360 is identical to the 320's trigger mechanism. So all 4 Mission crossbow can shot the Firenock J with no issues at all. I do think the Mission stock arrow is a little weak on the spine for the 360 and the 400. I personally like at least 0.250" spine arrow for those 2 bow, so Gold tip laser III and Black eagle Executioner shaft would be what I would recommended if people just want better or more spine matched shaft with a budge. If they want the ultimate arrow for that 2 bows, my Firenock Aerobolt II-200 is hard to beat if you want the best and is willing to pay for it.

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