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    New PSE Drive LT

    I just picked up a 2014 PSE Drive Lt, and I've got it set to 65#'s, but after shooting it first day with relative ease I'm regretting shooting it so much so should I drop it down and if so how do I? As you can probably tell I'm new to Archery

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    are you just sore from overdoing it? or is the bow poundage too much for you to draw? If you are sore , you are using a whole new muscle group! and like anything else ,you will have to build them up! Great choice of bow!
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    No just leave it where its set. Your muscles will become conditioned and all will be well. Happy shooting and Great choice!!

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    Its hard to say man, you know your body more than we do. Like Trying Archer said just leave it. You probably just need to get used to it. The fact that you were shooting it with ease on the first day makes me think its just your muscles needing to get used to the movement and get stronger.
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    Stick with it and don't go back, shoot every day or every other day to stay conditioned, you'll be good, just a whole different group of muscles.

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    have your proshop check your drawlenght, if that is fine archery mucles build very quickly, you should be ok. if it is either too short or too long it will make it harder to draw or hold, so they could delay the mucles adapting, at full draw there is not a tone of dynamic muscle movement.

    most of all, welcome to the flock.
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