This is my first post: Just got it back after the recall...They replaced the string which had been fraying on both sides where the bowstring goes "inside" the cable. The metal cable looked like a pen spring that had been stretched. I have fired this weapon less than 50 times. Also, I got a quiver but the quiver screw holes didn't line up with the holes on the crossbow. So then they sent an additional piece, which attaches to the underside (where the bipod attaches) but it looks like, and other internet pictures show, that the quiver runs along side the length of the bow instead of perpendicular to the bow. The piece I was given still doesn't seem to work because the bolts will end up dangerously close to the drawstring. It took over a month to get the case, the quiver doesn't fit, the string frayed immediately, and it has already been recalled. Both my 9 year olds (son and daughter) shot their first deer this fall so I hate to give up on it but I am worying if it is a safe weapon to use going forward? PSE has removed this bow from their website...does anyone have any info on these issues? PS Lancaster Archery is fantastic