Ross....How is everyone's speed on their Ross Bow ?


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Thread: Ross....How is everyone's speed on their Ross Bow ?

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    Ross....How is everyone's speed on their Ross Bow ?

    Would love to see some pics of their bow and trophy kill with their ross bow and would like to know how close to IBO spec does your Ross shoot.
    I'm a tad curious about Ross bows....thanks
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    Crave drt 33.5 29" @ 60lbs 338 grn arrow 298fps. 70lbs with 351 grn arrow 322fps both numbers with leeches on string, peep and loop. No harvests to date only had it a couple of weeks, but so far love the draw I'm not gonna say it's elite smooth but it's at least in the same ball park where many are not and holds rock steady on target looking forward to shooting 3d with it this year.

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    love my crave 33.5, not sure on speed but smooth and rock solid backwall
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    I haven't put my Cardiac down since getting it. I thought that I might after picking up my APA but nope......

    Ross bows are just plain shooters.
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    Ross crave 33.5 60 pounds, 31 in. draw, 480 gr. arrow....265 fps. shoots unreal. speed is for junkies!

    12' Ross Crave 33.5
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