New 2014 Bear Attitude


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    New 2014 Bear Attitude

    I just bought the Bear Attitude, but I am a lefty so I have not shot it yet. If anyone has shot it or has any review/opinion. My first new bow too, so I'm pretty excited.

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    The attitude replaced the encounter with a new riser design and black limbs standard it is a great bow yea it's not the agenda or a top line bow but get it properly tuned and it will shoot great also consider getting new strings for it soon as I am not to pressed with bears strings. Among the many string builders in here I would recommend vapor trail they make a great string and go nice on the attitude. Also upgrade the d loop that came on it as well the stock from bear are way to big. I am left handed and have shot the three we have in left handed and tuned them and they shoot great. Good luck and good shooting.
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    I just got my new Attitude on Tuesday and I am loving it! I went to the shop thinking I really wanted the PSE Vision. After shooting 4 different bows (Attitude, Authority, Vision and Surge) I REALLY preferred both Bears over the two PSE choices which really surprised me!! I am on a budget and couldn't swing the Authority but honestly there was minimal difference between the authority and attitude in terms of comfort and feel. I can't say enough how much I really love my new Attitude! Don't buy online... Go find a shop and try out several choices before buying to make sure you get what YOU like best rather than what you read or see on YouTube. Good luck!


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    last Saturday, Bought a Bear Attitude 50 pound pull rth bow, it was thanks to santa. then today i bought a box of Beman ics hunter patriot 400 arrows . i am wondering if i can shoot expandable, as since they didn't have one in the store in 50 pounds pull, at Dick's it is being once it arrives a friend said i could shoot it threw his chronograph, in order to figure the ke.this is my 4th bear compound, my previous was a bear strike, which i loved.i told the wife if this attitude is half the bow the strike was then it is perfect.

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