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Thread: Arrows for Samick Sage

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    Arrows for Samick Sage

    I have ordered a Samick Sage recurve at 40lb as I haven't played with a recurve for quite a few years. 27" draw.

    Thinking about arrows - maybe Gold Tip Expedition Hunter (black shafts) cut to 29 inch with 125 gn points in size 3555??

    Or in aluminium 2013 either XX75 or Gamegetter

    Thought I would fletch these with AAE Elite Plasti-Fletch 4” vanes (which I have). Would feathers be better?

    Open to advice.....


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    If you are shooting off of a shelf, feathers are needed. From an elevated rest, dunno, never tried it. I had a 28# OMP (rebranded Sage Polaris) and used Easton 1916 Lites and 125gr tips. 50# sage used 2018 Easton's with 100-125gr tips, they were around 28" or so.

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    I am shooting Easton Game Getter 400 from my Samick SHT 50#. Boy these arrows can withstand beating in a large quantity.Always go with natural feathers for your recurve no mater is it of shelf or from rest shooting.
    I shoot GT Exp hunter 340 from my 70# compound with Blazer vanes. Excellent arrows if you ask me...
    Enlight me!

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    I just got the same bow. I ordered "Shiny Black® TigerStreak 30" Premium Fiberglass Hunting Arrows with Replaceable Screw-In Stainless Steel Broadhead, 3-Pack" from Amazon. Going to be changing to real feathers for hog hunting. I'll let you know how they shoot. (Going to start making my own wood shaft arrows once I get use to the bow)

  5. I use the Gold Tip Expedition Hunters 3555/500 shafts with 105gr field tips and 5" feathers in a helical config. Very accurate and the local shop/range has sold many set ups like this for the sage.

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    I have a Samick Sage recurve RH. 45# 27" DL. I shoot a goldtip 1535 and victory 600 25-45# cut @ 28". I shoot off the shelf with a Bear rest and 5" feathers fletched with a blitzenburg RW. I put the GWS 4 pin sight I got from Vision Outfitters with the bow and served in a peep in the string cause I got tired of losing arrows. Iv'e taken quite a few hogs here in Hawaii with G5 3 blade broadheads love this bow, It has helped me strengthen my upper half for my Bear Compound. This is my second Samick Sage bow. My first one after a year and a half of every day shooting ended up splitting my riser right on the bottom where the limb bolts up to the riser. It's wear the riser was laminated together. I called Vision Outfitter's about this problem and within 4 day's they sent me a new bow and 45# limbs. GREAT SUPPORT Vision Outfitter's. They sent the bow with a smart tag so I could ship my broken bow back to them with.

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