First Post: 31" Draw Length - Samick Sage or Samick Journey


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    First Post: 31" Draw Length - Samick Sage or Samick Journey

    Good evening everyone and happy holidays!

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I've finally gotten my wife to agree on trying a new hobby, it was between mountain biking and archery and we both agreed on archery. Happy wife, happy life right?

    I've been hearing great things about the Samick Sage and the Journey but am no longer sure they are the right bow for me, only because my draw length seems to be a little longer than most. I'm 6'0", 225lbs with 80" fingertip-fingertip which if my math is correct (which it is...I'm half Japanese) would put me at a 32" draw length. I also did the fist against the wall and measured from wall to the corner of my mouth, I measured a little over 31". I was intending on purchasing a 45# Samick Sage but I'm starting to think that I should probably get a 40# since those extra 3-4 inches in draw will add the extra # and wondering if I should get the Journey which is a longer bow at 64". With my draw length would it be dangerous to shoot from a bow that's 62" or should I be looking for a longer bow? Hopefully all this makes sense and I'm asking the right questions. The nearest archery store is an hour away so I've been doing most of my research online. Thanks very much and I'm excited to be a part of this community.

    Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    You could also get the Polaris which is offered in 66". Your draw length would not be dangerous to shoot a 62" bow at all. Many people with a longer draw length hunt with 62" bows(or even shorter, depending on the bow).

    Since this sounds like mostly a target/learning bow, I'd go for longer and start at 40# @ 28". You can certainly still hunt with such a bow but later on as you develop as an archer(and IF you're going to hunt), you may end up wanting another bow for that anyway.

    I have a Polaris myself and a draw length like yours and it's a a great shooting and forgiving bow. I got it at 40# too. I ordered it online though. I'm sure the Sage or Journey would shoot just as well. Samick's bows are a great value.

    Since it sounds like you're buying in person, draw the bow and feel for stacking at full draw. If it feels right, buy it. The bow will let you know if it's not a good fit. They're not fragile either(but still don't dry fire them!) so don't worry about them exploding at your DL.

    ETA: I just noticed this is an old post. Oops.

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    I have a 31" draw and regularly shoot a 60# Sage.

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