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    2014 - full year ***all game***hunting lease

    To ALL ALABAMA AT members,
    I am wanting to find a lease in the South Central area of Alabama, I once knew all the "RIGHT" contacts, but after being out of Archery and hunting for close to 20 years, my son has recharged my FEVER! After looking around for a club of some decency, I am left to the best way I know how to safely take my sons hunting. Which of course is buying my own lease! Now in my area the prices for some leases have gotten a bit toward the crazy side. Knowing that it is best to have the ability to hunt the same ground year after year, I would like to find a lease that would guarantee me the option for multiple years, after say a predetermined Grace period, so that both parties will have the chance to get to know each other AND both paties can have a chance to see that they will BOTH keep up their agreed upon duties.

    Now I have a fairly large area that I can get to within a fairly decent amount of time, being in Autauga County, I am about 25 Miles from Montgomery Co., and maybe 30 Miles from Coosa Co., LOWNDES Co, would be AWESOME, BUT! That is one of the very best Counties in the state for producing not, only huge numbers of Whitetail, not ONLY some of the best Turkey hunting but ,(arguably), the BEST Trophy Whitetail's in the state! Pretty much, I think it would be easy to say that I would be willing to consider just about anything I can find. I'm not against Timber company leases, Alabama Power company leases (or sub-leases for both), I will be contacting them both very soon. But I decided I would post on here and locally first to see if I could find a land owner, that WANTS to lease his land to a disabled Vet, with either a FAMILY ONLY LEASE or some other arrangement, that's old be agreeable for both of us. I ain't rich, in fact I'm more poor than anything! Another reason im getting back to hunting! The details can be discussed and agreed upon, I am an honest individual, that will take care of the property that I have the privledge of using. I don't drink or smoke, so no worry of drunken parties that end up in a forest fire!

    AND ONE MORE THING, IF YOU CAN BELIEVE THAT!?!? If anyone has the contact numbers and names of the BEST LUMBER / Paper company's (to do business with, that doesn't have wild expectations, or will come in and clear cut the LARGEST tract of land in the middles of season, yeah one bad experience!) in the area that does leases of smaller tracts, I would greatly appreciate it.

    I know that this has gotten long, but I really am at odds here, with a 15 year old that is IN LOVE WITH ARCHERY, DUCK HUNTING, and TURKEY HUNTING, and here I am struggling, awfully, trying to find a place to take him!!!! I have practically given up on this season, but Turkey season is looming, he has duck season taken care of, (Thank God, I was NOT meant to hunt ducks!) So NOW I'm in a mad scramble to try to secure some good hunting land, hopefully good enough that he will at least be able to see deer when he goes, and maybe, get a chance to take a shot!

    Sorry this has gotten so long, I guess when you start getting semi- freaked out about being able to have a good place to go, it'll make you type like crazy, apparently, even if you can't type!

    If I haven't covered it, I am open to just about any type of lease that has the ability to produce a good amount of not only deer and turkey, but wildlife in general. Hogs would be a PLUS....not for the land owner, but definitely for us!
    And I would have to say reasonably priced, and I have no idea what reasonable is anymore! 20 years ago, I had a group of buddies that we picked up 3000 acre lease for $5.00 an acre! But it took all 20 of us, plus we ended up taking a few members to help offset the costs, members that were friends of my buddies.

    OK that is enough, I'll shut up now. I really hope to find some good leads and possibly a better LEASE! And if there is anyone out there that maybe in the Tri-County area that maybe looking for a good family oriented group to hang out with and shoot and maybe even hunt together PM me, I have few acres here in my little corner of Heaven, a little bitty piece of woods, that I might add my son has bee hunting! There are so few deer in this area, the only time I have seen them regularly was when I had Pea's in the garden! There are a few around here, just not a lot.

    Thanks for any help I can get, Rex McClellan

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    Woodstock, GA
    I have 1800 continuous acres in the corner of Macon, Bulloch and Russell county (Black Belt) if interested.

    450 acres will be bow only until Jan 1. We have a great mix of HW, Pines, various age of Clear Cut, over 2 1/2 miles of swamp edge, a lot of food plots, fixed stands, 1000's of trees to climb, camp tractor, etc. The area has produced 160's +, I have pics of some really, really nice bucks (lol, they are hard to kill). Almost all the land is accessible.

    We are shooting for 12 members this year. We just picked up 450 acres of mature hardwoods to our south (this is the land that will be bow only) and are looking for 3 or 4 members.

    PM me if interested (Moderator - if I am not allowed to reply to post, please let me know. I sent you a PM asking about how to become a sponsor as I also have land in KY and IL I need to find members for).

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    Hey! 167 12PT, ===>(Love the name, you should add a pic of that~> SWAMP DONKEY!)
    I sent you a PM, I live in Central AL, above Montgomery, I may be interested in your club!
    I see where you want 3 to 4 members, I also have a couple of buddies that are looking for a great place to hunt, one does Bow hunt the other is thinking about getting into it.

    Also, I'm curious why y'all selected 450 acres and designate it as Bow Only, was this randomly done, or done for a specific reason? (like close to houses, farm critters, etc). Or the
    best reason, to give Archers an exceptional area, exclusive to those willing to stay with their bows after gun season starts!
    I am NOT against setting any amount of land aside for BOW ONLY, matter of fact, I'm more for it! BUT, under specific circumstances I'd like the option to be able to use a gun
    if the need arises (EMPTY FREEZER!),
    if this is a club, then the OTHER 1400 acres can be used for those purposes.

    I am hoping you have subscribed to this thread as you are the only one so far to respond to my post! Or at the very least check the forum soon!!
    I am BACK into bow hunting, I guess I should say I am back into hunting, as I've been out of it for a very long time. I have my son that is 15, almost 16 years old, that NEEDS a place to hunt,
    and we are a TEAM~! So when he got interested in archery that made me get back into shooting, (I once worked at a pro shop in Montg.,AL., and shot 3D, mostly for fun, but definitely competitively!), I taught him to shoot, and now he's as good, if not, better than me! So, PLEASE! WE NEED A PLACE TO HUNT!
    Hopefully this club has a small HOG problem that needs eradication! That would give us the opportunity to hunt all year, so we can go when we are able to go....I should have said when I am able,
    being slightly disabled, I have better days that others, the better days are what we are counting on.

    If you give me your number I will call you at your convenience! OR if you'd like mine, let me know and I will PM it to you,
    Thanks, Rex

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