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    Bear Polar LTD

    I am looking for some history on the Bear Polar LTD compound bow line.

    Does anyone have any info on the design, year they originated, etc.

    I just acquired a really nice on on eBay recently and like to collect 1970's Bear bows.


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    1977 I think, I still have one with the

    Look here.....

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    I think clayking is close. If I recollect, I was shooting one back in approximately '76 and they possibly had come out a year earlier around '75. Shot my first 300 indoors using the Bear Polar LTD with the original Bear Weatherrest on it (stick-on rubber flipper style rest) back in '76. Unique design in that you could change poundage in either 5# or 10# increments (don't recall off top of head) by moving a wheel that the cable ran over to a different position near the riser. Kind of like a 6-wheel/pulley compound instead of the 2- and 4-wheel designs of the time. Still have mine hanging in the basement in fact.

    Hope any of this info helps..............


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    On The Polar LTD compound bow I'm looking for some part specs. I need the pulley that increases the draw strength of the bow, so what I'm asking is what is the size of the pulley, I need Diameter, Size center bore hole, and the size the outside ring where the string sits in. Any Info would really help. Please and thanks.

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