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    I have owned several Barnetts over the past 8 years and the only issue I have as far as the Xbow is they seemed to get center serving separation pretty quick. A small amount of glue applied the the ends of the serving takes care of it and I never have it happen again, it is like they didn't get the end serving tight enough, as far as the serving every where else on the string and cable system I have had ZERO problems, which is kind of strange given the center serving problem. I also have had alot of problems with the quivers being easy to knock off when walking to the stand but on my recruit they changed how the quiver locks into place and I think it will fix that problem but until I take it out into the woods will know for sure.

    I have owned 2 Jackles, 2 Quad 400's one avi the other not, and now a Recruit.

    I bought the Recruit due to it's light weight, just over 6lbs full rigged and compact limb design.

    I love this this thing!!! It hits the mark every time, you don't have to have a $800 bow to have an accurate one and it is not necessarily cheaper quality because of the price be it a high end bow on low end bow, any bow from any manufacturer can be a lemon.

    When I could shoot compounds I would got to the shop and shoot as many bows as possible and if I like the low end model and how it felt best then that was the bow I bought. Crossbow are a little different as far as picking one out but you should never let the price tag dictate your purchase unless it is higher priced than your budget.

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    I bought my first crossbow yesterday a Quad 4 AVI. I love this bow so far great groups with field tips and broadheads.Shooting 100 grain Muzzy 4 blade right now that what I use with my compound bow.Buying some 125 grain this week what would you guys recommend for this crossbow?

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    I have used Slick Trick Magnums 125gr and 100gr 1 1/8th cut on the mags. I have had nothing but great results on any of the Barnett Xbows I have shot. I just got done shooting my recruit with 100gr Mags and as usual they hit the mark time after time. I did have have to move my scope a 2" inches left and 1.5" down but out to 30 yrds they where lights out. I don't have a spot to shoot over 30yrds at my house. I will test out to about 40-45 at my dads sometime soon.

    If you have a Walmart near you they are carrying the Slick Trick standard and magnums in 100gr and 125gr. They are $29.99 around here so there is no discount for buying them at Walmart I was just pointing that out in case no shops around you had them in stock.

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    Just got a Razr. Do yourself a favor and do not get this thing. I'm going to have to try to sell on Craigslist or Ebay to get some of my money back. About the only thing it has going for it is that it looks pretty cool and the armpit hook helps get a good cheek weld. That is the end of the nice things i have to say about it. Using a rope cocker, it is just about impossible to not move the safety while cocking. The arrow/bolt holder broke before the 20th shot. The "knife" is impossible to remove without a knife. If I was Barnett I would be ashamed of the fit and finish on this bow. If it has cost $300 bucks I would be upset, but at $1300 - Just plain ridiculous.

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    Being truthful I bought my 1st crossbow 3 yrs ago a barnett buck commander and I'm very pleased with it since then my son cousin and son in law all bought barnetts no issues with any of them and my son just took home the 1st place trophy at 2014 ibo world championship in new york last weekend with his predator and mark beck was happy down there knowing he had engineered the cams on it as well as his blood sport bolts my son was shooting.
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    Currently the pink raptors are chewing through strings and Barnett reps know about it but when you call Barnett they won't admit fault. For the most part we get a lot of jackals and quads back with trigger failures and broken limbs. I will say in barnetts defense about half of the bows customers bring in failed due to user error. Take apart a Barnett trigger and an Excalibur trigger and you'll see why barnetts have issues across the board.
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    Had a recruit they leave a lot to be desired.
    The arrow only made contact with the rail for 3 inches in front of the claw.

    The larger models seemed better but the price was too big
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    I have ben shooting the Barnett ghost for past two years now no issues , have three bucks and four does to its credit nice shooting xbow .This will be my third season with it will be changing out cables and string next week for preventative maintance due to it still has originals with over 800 shots cant complain.

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    This is an informative post. I'd love to get a crossbow, and Barnett seems to be one of the larger brands (which is helpful from a consumer standpoint because it's nice to hear a bunch of data points). Too, as compared to Mission (slow but seemingly well finished) or Scorpyd (awesome but out of my price league), it's tough to argue with the price point of, for example, the BCX from a "bang for the buck" standpoint... My main reservation: Isn't Barnett owned by Wildgame Innovations? I haven't purchased anything from them that has ever held up. I'm hoping that certain (if not all) of the Barnett xbows might be an exception.

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    I have a Buck Commander. I have had it for several years now. It's scary accurate. No issues. Buddy of mine has a Ghost 350. Also incredibly accurate. No issues with his until he dry fired it.
    Any questions were answered quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Barnett.

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    It has been my observation, that Barnett is selling its lower priced xbows to a lot of ppl just getting into the sport, and with a lot of this comes human error, and you would excpect to see more problems than some other higher priced xbows. I own a BCX and have not had any problems, won xbow of the yr in 2013. But anytime you sell massive amounts of xbows in the entry level price range , you can excpect a lot of returns and problems caused by human ,error, cause a lot of newbies are buying them for the first time. Barnett makes a good product for the price you pay. If you take care of your xbow, it will last you for many yrs of shooting with out problems. I may be a little bias, lol, but would recommend a BCX to any of my friends . Happy Trails
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    I've shot alot of barnett models,Yet to shoot 1 without travel In the trigger,the servings at the cam loop ends wear on half the models,poor scope rail attaching to stocks instead of trigger group,not forged risers,etc..yes they are the same people putting out wild game innovation cameras which are also junk,I've owned 5 and not 1 worked PROPERLY for over a year. I think there are MUCH better buys even at the lower price ranges. Just my opinion but having owned well over 35 crossbows and shooting a whole lot of others I try to save people money.

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    I bought a Quad 400 back in 2009. After the 1st season, I noticed that the limbs were starting to splinter. The bow was sent back to Barnett and they replaced the limbs and string without question, or cost. No problems since then. My understanding is that they have improved on quality. I have seen these Quad 400 packages on ebay new for less than $300! The bow is fast, hard hitting, accurate, and has been a wicked deer killer! The downside is it's long, wide, and heavy.

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    I have had the Recruit, Raptor and now the Vengeance and have had no issues. The Vengeance is getting close to 200 shots and has performed flawless and show no sign of wear at all on string or cables. It's shooting 1 - 1/12 " Groups at 50 Yards using 20" Easton XX75 Aluminum Bolts.
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