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    I shot a Dagger at my dealer also. With stock Mission bolt with 100 gr. tip (415gr.) the best after 3 shots was 321.2 ft.persec. Put the same bolt in a 320 and it shot 324.7. A real eye opener for sure. The Dagger is alittle shorter and just slightly lighter. Did not see any difference in noise but vibration was just alittle more with the Dagger. I think the Dagger will be great for the smaller ,shorter people. It does cock harder than the 320 also. If you want the advertised speed you will have to go to a bolt around 375 gr. I'm sure the Dagger will be a big seller for Mission as it is a great Crossbow. For me the 320 was a better fit. The $200 less also did not hurt also.

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    Been looking at Xbows for about a month now knowing the day might come for me. I will be selling my new chill-r soon to fund a mission but I think I am going with the 320. Don't know much about Xbows but my arm and shoulder know that my compound are hurting me more than he game around here.

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    My MXB Dagger veolcities: 448 gr 310 FPS, 425 gr 320 FPS. not a speed burner but very accurate with 20 inch BEE's and quiet.
    Two deer down so far this season. I would like to see better scopes for xbows. I mean it, better quality glass, short and 1-5 power with 30 mm tube. Short.

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