Archer Addy Book Project and Youth in Archery.


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    Archer Addy Book Project and Youth in Archery.

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    Dreams, determination and self-reliance. Sixteen months ago Addy “Archer Addy” Nachtrieb, a Seattle city girl, picked up her first bow at nine years old and has yet to put it down. Passion for archery erupted from nowhere. Changing her. Moulding her. A young girl became focused, driven, confident and empowered in life and archery, with every new experience.

    Addy set her goals, taking her parents on an archery experience, from a freezing Zombie shoot, NFAA Nationals, practice 6 days a week, tears, struggle, happiness, equipment upgrades and Vegas last week! In her archery journal she recorded every day, every experience, how she felt and the number of arrows shot. She met an amazing community of archers, coaches, mentors, World Champions and other young kids. The stories of her experiences are fun, inspiring and we have consolidated and re-written them in a book series, “Archer Addy, The True Life Adventures”. A book series aimed at the eight to twelve year old reader to inspire them to think differently, try new things and never give up. The stories are based on Addy, speaking from her own voice as an actual target archer finding her way into the sport and learning to deal with life’s challenges, even at her young age. Staying within the theme of inspiring youth, we choose seventeen year old, local, first time, youth artist Hayden Beaty to illustrate the Archer Addy series.

    What does it mean to have a dream, to be determined and to find the self-confidence to pursue it? While many adults are still in pursuit of these answers, a 9-year old girl is already hitting her mark! Archer Addy takes kids on incredible, real-life adventures in her first year of archery that teach encouraging life lessons through her pursuit of excellence in the sport of archery.

    In real life, Addy is now a ten year old girl in the fourth grade. In her first year of archery she obtained multiple state archery championships in both indoor and outdoor archery, setting four separate state records and placing fourth in the nation for Field Archery and at the Vegas Shoot! Through her experiences, she’s learned the great value of having dreams, being determined and being self-reliant, and she would love to share this with other kids.

    Kids today need more inspiration and confidence, and the Archer Addy project provides kids with a real-life role model. Do you want to be part of a project to inspire young people to try something new and work hard to be their very best? Join Archer Addy and everyone else, to make that happen!

    Archer Addy Book #1, “I Dream of Archery: Trying Something New”: Addy’s Grandpa gives her a bow and arrow. Not sure she wants to try it, she gives this “thing for boys” a try, and finds out she's pretty good. She practices almost every day, determined to convince her parents to let her shoot in a championship tournament. Is she good enough? How will a 9 year old girl look, in a tournament of mostly boys and men? Confident with her fashion choices and hard work, Addy steps into archery, her first tournament and a whole new world!

    Please take the time to review the “Archer Addy Book Project” on KickStarter, a crowd funding online platform. Kickstarter is where we are presenting the project and asking those who want to be a part of the project, help fund the Archer Addy Book through to publishing. We are self-publishing, which means once we are fully funded on Kickstarter the book will go straight to print and be available this spring!! Funders get a free book and more! Join Archer Addy, the archery community and everyone else to make this happen. Thank you, from the Archer Addy Team. For more information, KickStarter link here: or find the link on Archer Addy’s Public Athlete page on FaceBook: Google “Archer Addy”


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