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    Barnett Brotherhood

    Does anyone have any idea when the 2014 Brotherhood will be released?

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    Realistically most likely around april-may
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    Or like the Razr, 2015

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    2015!!! I hope it's not that long...looks ike it's gonna be a great bow.

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    Bump on this.

    I like the specs on this product and see them for sale at some larger retail stores, but I have read nothing so far on line from the owners of these bows. Any comments?

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    I just got a new Brotherhood , new to crossbows myself but so far I like the bow , haven't shot it enough to tell its potential but is light and well balanced . When I get the replacement scope back from Barnett , will be able to access its true accuracy , Barnett customer service is very helpful :nice to get humans who know what they are talking about and want to help the customer. I hope to own it until I pass it down to one of my son's . My primary reason for getting a crossbow is back problems that have made me give up bow hunting ,that I have enjoyed most of my life. the crossbow with the crank device I own will get me back to the sport and should provide some meat for the freezer. will give a reply when I have it sighted in and get used to it .
    Howdy to all Kansas hunters :good luck and stay safe!

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    Bump for more input. Bought this bow due to shoulder injury negating pulling the Rampage XT.

    So far very pleased. Very accurate, not excessively loud for the price point, and I like the safety features. I also believe fully my 8 yr old grandson can get it done with this bow. Bought six Easton Bowfire bolts to shoot out of it. Gonna go with the Reapers on the tip, as they have been really good to me with the vert bow.

    Season starts here in NC in a couple of weeks. I will keep you posted.

    Would love to hear more input on this bow as more folks buy it. I have a world of stuff to learn on the xbows.

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