How do you know if the deer meat is bad?


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    How do you know if the deer meat is bad?

    Early in the fall while the temperatures are still warm (80 to 90), I find myself somewhat reluctant to hunt deer in the late afternoon. I have a concern of shooting a deer and not able to find it until the next morning fearing the meat has spoiled. Can some of you guys give me some opinions on how long you have to find the deer before the meat begins to spoil? Thanks.

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    Just like any other meat. The smell.
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    I hunt in new mexico and we pack in 21 miles. The temperatures frequently hit 90 degrees and it doesn't cool down that much during the night even at 9000 feet. acxcept last year when it rained hard almost everyday. Hit them where your supposed to and go get em but if you don't and your able to get on the animal first thing the next morning go get him cleaned out and boned out right away.
    you might lose the tenders and some spoilage around the wound but you should get most of your meat. My 3 best hunting buddies are all butchers and they say get the hide off and beware of bone sour. You can usually smell it. We clean them with whatever water you might have available and get it to a frigerator or cooler asap. I wouldn't let that deter you from hunting early season when the weathers hot just takr good close range shots if your concerned don't kill an animal so far back you can't get him packed out in time to save the meat. By the way we havn't lost but a quarter from bone sour in 6 years and thats because we put the bulls quarters in the freezer stacked on one another without any room to breathe and the second one sandwiched in didn't cool properly and soured but that was 2 day's ride out of the wilderness and a 350 caliber bull quarters. Last year i drew a Nevada Mule deer tag for August 10 and the temperatures hit 100-115 almost everyday. I helped a guy find a small 4 point that he shot the morning before. I found that buck around 5:30 the next day and he was bloated and as stinky as could be. By the time I got to his camp to tell him I new the buck was no good. But I thought he should have the oppurtunity to tag his gut shot animal or at least have the oppurtunity to if he wished. you got to get on them sometimes sooner than you like in hot conditions or get as much help as possible to find them or they can and will spoil. JM P>S don't give up hje might not be dead and you might get another shot at a wounded animal thats still edible
    asfar as how long ti all depends on whether their gut shot lung shot if ther in direct sun or a cool spot how long he's been dead etc... I'll ask my slaughter house buddy if theres a rule of thumb to follow.. I think every situation is different..
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    When the meat turns green. ;-)

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