Elite Archers finish first and second at Fort Benning ASA Pro am. Levi/Eric - Page 6


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    Booooom!!!! Well done guys and Elite!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SonnyThomas View Post
    Rule arguing is kind of ..... Why when it's so easily to access?

    B. Each group will designate two members of their group as “Scorekeepers” who will record all scores for the group, but
    they may not maintain their own individual “official” colored scorecard. Three individuals will be designated as
    “Scorers” but no one will be allowed to score their own arrow. In groups of four the third scorer will be alternated
    between the scorekeepers for the other scorekeeper’s arrow. In groups of three the scoring will be done by all three
    but an individual may not score their own arrow, or record the official scorecard for their own arrow.
    And this is where the conflict came from this past weekend.
    I consider all involved a friend and believe all are good honest shooters. And have only personally heard one story.
    Not that anyone owes me or anyone else there side it would just be nice to know or here from the other guy's as to there side.
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