Pecos Wilderness Elk Hunt......


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    Pecos Wilderness Elk Hunt......

    My brothers and I have drawn bow elk tags for Unit 44/45 in the NM Pecos Wilderness. Due to work, we were unable to scout prior to season. Has anyone hunted this area before?? Would anyone offer tips or places to look??

    Thanks for any help!!!!!

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    It is beatiful country! It is steap terrain, so hope you have been excercising! Try around elk mountain in the burn area. That is not in the wilderness area, but steep just the same. You will have a great trip, but without horses your work is cut out for you. I love that area though! Lots of water to filter as well. Good luck!
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    Don't go with out horses, or at least round up a wrangler willing to go in and pack out your Elk.

    Believe me, that's SAGE advise!


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