Are the Samick and Fleetwood Sage bows the same


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    Are the Samick and Fleetwood Sage bows the same

    I have a Fleetwood Sage and my wife would like to start shooting it. She is not strong enough to comfortably pull the bow as it is now and I would like to get a new set of limbs for it around the 30# size. Does anyone know if the Samick sage limbs will fit?

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    After poking around a bit on Fleetwood's site, I'm pretty certain they're the same.
    Most likely the "Fleetwood" Sages are just re-branded Samick Sages- PSE did a similar thing with Ragim Impalas in the past.
    I have both a Ragim-branded Impala and a PSE-branded Impala, and they're exactly the same bow. I'd say the same applies with the sage

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    Fleetwood archery is a division of Western Recreational Industries, which is an importer of Samick bows.
    Take a look at this page from the Fleetwood Archery catalog. They even have the Samick logo in their catalog.

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