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    MXB-320 Report

    Just purchased a Mission MXB-320. This is my 3rd X-Bow and looking forward to this falls hunt for sure. I think Mission got this one right from the start last year. I almost purchased this same bow last year but seeing it was there first year in the crossbow market I decided on a Tenpoint Turbo XLT2. I did take a doe and nice buck last fall with the XLT and it performed excellent. It was very accurate and well built. I am sure alot of readers are thinking why would he buy a cheaper (cost) X-Bow? FOR ME the Mission is a better fit. 1. I found the XLT was heavier. Specs say 7lbs. XLT and 6.5 for the 320. While checking out at my dealer I found this to be even more. I think the Accur-Draw 50 when added to the XLT must not be included in there weight specs. 2. The 320 was about 2.75 in. shorter when measured from the limb to butt end. If you measured from the Tenpoint foot strup it adds around 5in.more. in overall length. Also this was with the adjustable stock in the middle hole on the 320. The MXB-320 because of length and weight just fits me better. In defense of Tenpoint I may have picked the wrong bow in there lineup for fit. 3. I did take alittle hit in bow speed with the MXB-320 it checked out at 324.5 ft.per sec. with stock Mission 22in bolt. 416gr. My XLT come in at 335.2 with Lazer 2 405 gr bolt. I was really happy to see the Mission come in better than the advertised 320 speed. In shooting both I also found the Mission to be much quieter with less vibration. The trigger also seem alittle better to me. The 320 is just a sweet shooting bow. 4. Warranty- Mission Lifetime and I think Tenpoint was 5 year. 5. With the Mission you can change cables etc. with out a press and also draw weights are adjustable. 6. Price around $150 cheaper for the 320 vs XLT2. In closing I must say that Tenpoint makes great crossbows and everyone must make decisions based on what works for them. I almost waited for the Mission Dagger. I feel that for me I picked the right bow as the Dagger has a 220# draw vs 180# for my 320. I feel I maybe would have needed a crank with that much pull? Also the 320's length seems to fit me great. I also had alittle reservation about more sound and stress with 220# draw weight on the Dagger. The dollar saving also did not hurt my wallet either.

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    I'm so glad you're glad. Me? Just waiting to get home (from FL) so I can put the 320 I bought prior to departing to test.
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    Jawi, I replaced TP Turbo XLT2 this fall with the MXB320 for exact same reasons. I did miss the TP Accudraw50 feature but the 320 is so easy to cock not much of factor now. The MXB320 is a keeper for sure and a best buy in crossbow world.
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    I put mine to the task this past fall. It never let me down and I'm not looking for another bow. IMO the 320 is just a hands down great hunting bow.

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