Eplc stabs!!!!!


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    Eplc stabs!!!!!

    received my new EPLC stabilizers today. all i can say is top notch! 32" front bar and 14" back bar. i have learned one great lesson in archery and that is, you get what you pay for. these stabilizers are well, well worth more than he charges. the finish, the feel are much more than i expected.
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    I agree. Great stabilizers at a great price. I love my 30" stabilizer!
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    Got mine yesterday. I've had two full days of shooting these now. I ordered now 10" and two 8" bars. On my 2014 turkey setup rim running the to 8" bars with Blue Line Archery weights. 5oz front and 9oz on the back 8" bar.
    These are super light and allows the counter weights to do their jobs.
    Fit and finish is top notch!!
    Zero vibe from them and seem to be tough!
    These bars don't leave anything to be desired in a carbon bar. They have it! Very very impressed with the Delrin end sleeves.
    These are staying on my bow replacing my B-Stingers

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    Ok guys weights for EPLC stabilizers are now available through Blue Line Archery. Here are EPLC bars with Blue Line Weights. Weights can be found at the following threads.

    Retailer Manufacturer Ad:

    Stabilizer Classifieds Ad:

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