Arrows for light target bows?


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    Arrows for light target bows?

    Was at a shoot today and it's amazing what mismatched gear people are shooting trad. bows with. Blazer vanes and arrows way too stiff for 25 pound bows. I am shooting a Gold Tip Velocity XT arrow that weighs 350 grains out of my 35lb Omega Delta. A friend has a new Sage in 25lbs, I told him to look for some 600 spine arrows for his bow. Only problem with some of us is finding arrows long enough, friend and I are both 29ish in our draws and the full length 500s I am shooting are just barley long enough for me and him to shoot, aluminium, is that the answer?

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    You would need a 1616 Plat. or 1614 X7. That will give you a 29" arrow. The raw shafts are 28.5 and the rest will be made up by the nock being installed.

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    bob -

    600's from a 25# bow, really?

    And your draw lengths would be?

    I would check with Kegan about the Omega, (1816s are standard fare for a good 35# recurve) and Dad is correct for your friend with the Sage (again, based on draw length requirements).

    If you do have long DLs, then yes, you will be shooting over-spined arrows for a while.

    Viepr1 out.
    “Simple and innocent, however, as it (the bow) appears, and capable as it is of being a trusty friend and ally, a bow is at the same time a watchful enemy, ready to take advantage of the smallest slight.”

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    Carbon Impact Super Club 20/30 would work fairly well for your friend if left full length.

    A 600 spine might work out of your bow if it's a lightweight shaft like the Velocity.

    Archery is a process that ends with a result. Once you start to focus on the result (where the shot goes, how big the group is, what your score is, what place you are in) then you lose the capacity to focus on the process.

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    Carbon Express Predator II 700 spine arrows with 200G tips, seem to fly ok out of a 24# Samick Polaris pulling 24". STILL, need to try bare shafting these. These arrows come with "outserts" that handle normal screw in points.

    When pulling 30" the same bow appears to shoot ok with VForce Victory 600s with 200G tips. STILL, need to bare shahft tune this combo. The same arrow with 2" vanes appears (without observed vane contact) to hit just a tad right? More testing needed on my part.

    I am really not good at stripping fletching off of an arrow until one is damaged.

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    Yes 500 Gold Tip Velocity arrows with a 125 grn. tip full length at 30" weight 350 grns. And fly awesome out of My 35lb Omega and were recommended by Keagan. They are too heavy for a 25lb Sage. And the 500 spine arrows bare shaft tuned out of my 35lb bow. And no I would not hunt anything bigger than a rabbit with this bow.

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    Carbon Ones are by far the most popular target arrow for lower draw weights, where I shoot. And they seem to fit your needs quite well. Wide range of spines and everything up to 730 is over 30 inches.

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