Lance Irving Joins Martin Archery as Chief Sales & Marketing Officer


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    Lance Irving Joins Martin Archery as Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

    Lance Irving, Former VP of Sales & Marketing at PSE, Joins Martin Archery as Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

    Walla Walla, WA – March 10, 2014: Martin Archery announced today that Lance Irving, former Vice President of Sales & Marketing at PSE, has joined Martin Archery as its new Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. Lance spent nearly 7 years with PSE, working his way up from Regional Sales Manager to Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

    “I am excited to be a part of the Martin Archery team,” said Lance. “The Company is one of the oldest and most recognizable brands in the industry and the enormous potential here excites me. I look forward to being able to bring not only fantastic products but also best-in-industry customer service to our customers.”

    In his new role as Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Lance will lead a strong sales effort while also driving the marketing and branding engine of Martin Archery. He is the latest impressive addition to a newly revamped and best-in-class management team which is driving a culture of passion, innovation, delivery and performance at the recapitalized company.

    “Lance is one of the most well respected veterans within the archery community,” stated Rich Weatherford, CEO of Martin Archery. “He brings deep relationships as well as an unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the customer base to Martin and as a team, we look forward to bringing this 64-year old brand back to being the best in the industry.”

    Prior to PSE, Lance worked as a store manager at Gander Mountain and Fishing and Hunting Guide and is formerly trained as a fish and wildlife biologist.

    Founded in 1951 by hall of fame archer, Gail Martin, Martin Archery is a manufacturer of compound and traditional bows as well as bow accessories based in Walla Walla, Washington. Martin’s line of compound bows is a mix of technology and value that allow everyone from a tournament archer to a weekend warrior to have the best equipment on the market. Damon Howatt bows (Martin’s traditional bow line) are carefully and individually hand-crafted by our veteran bowyers in Walla Walla. For more information, visit


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    I think it's great to see positive news from Martin again. Kudos to them!
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    from PSE to Martin look for good thing from Martin.
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    I hope to see some high quality Martin's and/or Rytera's on the east coast.
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    Ok, nice to see Martin making quality hires. Can we expect to see quality hires in the bow design department?? That's more important to me as a archery consumer than how you market your products.

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    Lance is a great guy, best of luck to him.
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    go martin!

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    Hey guys. I'm new to this site...I just bought a Martin saber takedown and a saber Compound 2006 in mint-shot cost: 480.00. Did I get burned? The takedown is new. In addition, can you give a rundown on the pros n cons of each model? Thanks.

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    So, my question about Martin now... What models/model lines represent the new regime in reference to design, quality control, improved engineering etc.? Are we already seeing them in the models available today on store hooks? Or, are we waiting for new models to usher in the "new era" in Martin?
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