I may have the last X-Factor


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    I may have the last X-Factor

    I've finally decided to tell this story since there has been no word from Maitland for some time.

    I shoot indoor barebow and a couple of weeks before Christmas I decided that I had to have an X-Factor. I emailed Rob via his website saying that I would be coming to Vegas in May and would be interested in picking up a 40#, 27.5 dl version in person if possible. No response, and then the news of his selling the company came out and everything went quiet, so I figured that was that.

    Lo and behold, in the middle of January I get an email from Rob saying he could ship one to my specifications if black was OK and to call Jen to place the order. I called twice a day for three days (didn't want to "blow up" her phone), and then she answered. Unfortunately, she was driving, but said there was one left and that she would call back in 10 minutes, and to my relief, she did. The order was placed (at a very good price) and she said it should ship in about a week. Two days later my credit card was charged, so I anxiously awaited my new toy. Well it took closer to a month, but it showed up Feb 10th while I was on vacation exactly as spec'ed. Curiously, there is no serial number that I can find, although I don't know if any Maitland's have serial numbers.

    The bow shoots very well (better than the archer) and draws a lot of attention. I suspect that I got very lucky; I'll bet there was one riser left (black) and there happened to be a pair of 40# limbs laying around to assemble what could be the last X-Factor.

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    Sounds typical of Maitland of late. Pitty. Glad you got your bow. FWIW I don't know of any Maitlands to ever have a serial number. None of the 3 I have owned ever had one.
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    None of mine did.

    Glad they are gone though.....
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    None of my 3 had serial #'s either. Still have 1 of my X Factors and it is still my go to finger bow. Shame that they are gone, I never had an issue with Rob, always got quick responses. Understand the frustration a lot had tho.
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    I have a left handed X-Factor with 40# limbs and would like to put on a set of heavier limbs. If anyone knows of a set for sale please let me know.

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