New Turbonock products unveiled at show,and Chuck Adams Photos.


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    New Turbonock products unveiled at show,and Chuck Adams Photos.

    We just got back from the Super Bowhunting Show in Ohio. We had our new Turbonock Overnocks on display, our new MATRIX BOWSTRINGS and I had my Black Swan Hybrid Traditional bow there.

    The coolest thing about the show was that my neighbor in the next booth was Chuck Adams. When he was not busy and I was not busy we had some interesting chats. What a breath of fresh air in our industry!!! Chuck is the real deal and a TRUE ARCHERY LEGEND!! Over the years I have met FRED BEAR. Shot Beside Howard HIll. Got to know Byron Ferguson, I Sponsor Randy Oitker on impossible Shots. and now have spent a little time with Chuck. In my opinion all the people I mentioned were and are the real deal. Not some hyped up personality basically designed by a corporation to sell product.
    Hopefully our sport will attract more people like Chuck and the others I mentioned. We need them!!!!!

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    more photos
    The last photo is my greyhound sleeping. the photo is upsidedown. Just thought I would add it to get your attention.

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