New bow string stretch, how much??


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    New bow string stretch, how much??

    I just bought a Switchback and had the 30" cam installed. It feels like the draw length has increased since I first brought it home. I probably have 100 shots through it. I know strings stretch but how much would the stretching add to the draw length during the break in period? I went from 29.5" in my old bow to 30" with the new SB and getting a little worried I might have overdone it. Hope when I take it back to the shop to put more twists in after the break in I will be OK. Thanks.

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    measure your ata and BH. Are they correct? Just my .o2 worth, but the barracuda string and cable stretch a lot. I have had mine adjusted twice and ready for a third time. My ata is right on but by bh is 1/8" short. Every Mathews bow seems to be different but the dl can be affected by string stretch. Check your stats and adj from there.

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    Why Zebra strings??

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. Does Mathews make Zebra strings? If not, why would they use a string that gets such a bad rap on such a premium bow? Anyway, hopefully the stretch is the reason the draw length feels longer than when I picked it up at the shop.

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    To answer your questions.

    Does Mathews make Zebra strings? Yes they do.

    Why would they use a string that gets such a bad rap on such a premium bow? Because they make them.

    Zebra strings are like rubber bands.Try you a set of Winners Choice or another brand of high quality strings,Vapor Trail,Pro Strings,etc and you will never even think about a Zebra string again.

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    coyote killer

    I was just reading your opinion on string stretching, and noticed your name (coyote killer). I believe we have something in common and that is a good coyote is a dead one. Hunting yotes is probably a close second to my bowhunting whitetails. Wish I had a scanner to show pics. But anyways you believe that winners choice strings are the way to go? I think I will give them a try cause I have had the same problem. Thanks. Cody AKA (cottonfoot)

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    The Barracuda strings are not doing it for me. The string has stretched a ton, so much it feels like my bows draw length is an inch too long now. My brace height is an 1/8" off. Tonight I'm having my replacement cable Mathews sent finally put on my bow. The first one was way over on strand count and was being cut all to hell because of it. The second one wasn't served but a little over an inch from the post, and you guessed it, it started chewing up the cable. Hopefully 3rd time's a charm. Not to mention the string twisting like a top. Winners choice is going on my SB after this hunting season.

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    Zebra Twist

    no ! they never stop stretching (or creeping) they only good cure I know is to pull the strings off that Mathews and put on a set of Gas Bowstrings Sorry just couldnt resist.

    seriously replace them with a good string but keep in mind.
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