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Thread: Horton Recon Pics

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    Horton Recon Pics

    Hey are a few pics of the Recon.
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    Good looking bow! For some reason I was always on the lookout for one of these. Good luck with it!

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    Thats nice!!!Was it easy to convert it to look like that,and wonder if you can do that to a Vision?The same year I wanted a Recon the Vision came out,worked out great the Recons were going for a grand then I think..Anyone ever see recons for sale anymore and if so what are they going for now,and did they stand up as good as the Visions???

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    that is epic looking!!
    Greatree Ilf (target rig)
    Hoyt Ultratec (Tree Stand Rig) On That High grade
    Ten Point Titan (Ground Blind Rig)
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    I may sell this one...

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    PM sent thanks!

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