Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak 20" Crossbow Bolts

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    Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak 20" Crossbow Bolts

    I'am going to hunt with the CE XT Dual Blade Serrated 100 grain broad heads for deer this up coming deer season & i am wondering if any other of us use these crossbow broad heads & i would like you guy's imput on them if you use them. My choice of bolt is the CE Maxima Blue Streak 20" Hunting bolts & i am even think of getting those Lanch Pad Lighted Nocks for the 3 bolts that i will be hunting with also what do you guys think about these nocks ?

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    My two packs of Blue Streaks and Torrid broadheads came in the mail......very nice looking stuff.

    Excalibur Pro Staff LUKE 12:6
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