Sling for Covert CX1?

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    Sling for Covert CX1?

    Hey Folks, New to the forum and just wanted to start out by saying hello and introducing myself. I have now hunted with my Covert CX1 for a whole season and can't tell you how much I like this crossbow. Had some manufacturing issues at the beginning but Carbon Express' customer service was outstanding and they fixed the problem, no questions asked..Cudos to Carbon Express. Anyway, I haven't taken anything with it as of yet but I am hoping to change that scenerio this current turkey season here in NC. I have taken many Tom's with a shotgun so decided to switch out and try something new. In seasons past getting to and settingup on roosting birds hasn't taken to much effort or time so carrying a crossbow isn't an issue. But this season the river that borders the back side of our lease has been very high and has kept a good portion of land under water so the birds are now roosting off of our lease and are only cutting through it to get to feeding areas. So, I am having to do more run and gun and carrying this crossbow has become a real chore. The problem I am having in choosing a sling has to do with the swivel stud locations. Since they are mounted to the stirrup on either side it will cause the sling to either cross over or under the quiver. I am also wondering if CE designed it in this manner for a tactical Y sling. Anyway, just checking to see what other users are using and if anyone has come up with another means of mounting? Thanks!

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    Welcome buddy i have the Covert CX1 myself & i love mine i just bought it back in mid March & iam just now getting used to it & how it shoots like yo i had a small problem with my CX1 but Carbon Express took care of it in a hurry & they are very nice folks to chat with I talked with Tony & i am telling you he know his stuff .

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