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Thread: Really want Ross XD. What are they like?

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    Really want Ross XD. What are they like?

    I'm currently shooting a Bear Outbreak bought from Hoddywell Archery in West Australia. But I'm also thinking of getting a Ross XD, just want to know what are they like to shoot?

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    Very lightwieght. Smooth draw and a solid back wall.
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    Hey Phil
    I am shooting the XD and I must say I really love it.
    Ross did a great job designing a perfect (and affordable!) hunting bow.
    I hunt antelope from a blind and whitetail and turkey in thick brush but I also hunt elk and bear in the backcountry on multi day backpacking hunts and this one bow handles all of these hunts because it has a short ATA but not too short as I can still shoot out to 70 yards. Plus it is light weight for my long hunts and hikes.
    As far as how it shoots. I love the back wall. When you come to full draw there is a comfortable but rock solid back wall.
    It also comes loaded with limbsaver shocks mounted all over so you only need to add your stabilizer for a smooth shooting bow.
    My setup is the Ross XD teamed up with a Trophy Ridge Pursuit slider sight. Whicker Biscuit rest. Shooting 340 Gold Tip XT hunter arrows with 125 grain heads and another 50 grains stacked behind the insert. So my arrows weigh about 490 grains and the XD is launching them about 278fps.
    I hope this helps!

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    It's a great hunting bow, short and light weight. Also good enough for competition.

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    Great bow Arrow Trade had nice review of bow.

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    This thread is pretty old but it's the only one I could find specifically dealing with the Ross XD. I bought one about 9 months ago and, I have to agree, it's very smooth shooting, has a very comfortable draw cycle, and I love the back wall. And I bought it for the light weight.

    That said, there's a couple things that are really giving me serious problems.

    1) I can only get about maybe a couple hundred shots out of it before the buss cable serving over the DL mod needs replaced. I've been replacing it with Halo .014 thinking that might be the cure, but not dice, it's makes no difference.

    2) The only way I can get it to bare shaft tune bullet holes out to 30 ft is to move the rest so far to the left (I shoot left handed) it places the entire arrow completely outside center shot range in order to not get a nock right paper tear. I've tried yoke tuning to extremes and tried moving the rest in small increments in both directions thinking that since it's a WB rest, there might be a sweet spot in there someplace. I've done everything imaginable to ensure my bareshafts are FOC identically to my fletched arrows. When it is finally shooting bullets in paper and grouping my BHs with my FPs, the rest is so far from the center shot it becomes unusually noisy to shoot. And I'm absolutely certain my arrows are spined correctly because I have tried both ends of the allowed poundage on the spine I'm shooting with no noticeable improvement.

    If any of you out there familiar with the Ross XD can help me, I would very much appreciate it.

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