Problem Wit hMy Scope On my CX1

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    Problem Wit hMy Scope On my CX1

    Fellas i had thought for sure that my scope had went bad on my CX1 i had taken the up as far as it would go & i was still shoot way too low so i just knew that the scope had malfunctioned so i sent Carbon Express a rather mean message about all of the problems i am having with my CX1 & Tony sent me a message & he wanted me to call him so i did & he asked me a couple of questions about my scope & he told me that my scope wasn't bad . I kept on talking & Tony told me over the phone to remove my scope from the rail mount i did & he said that there are 3 set screws ALLEN HEADS He told me to loosen the front& tighten the rear one so i did just that & he told me to go & shoot it & see what that did for my scope & it was shooting WAY TOO HIGH lol i almost over shot my target all together so i did some adjustments & now it's awesome .I will finish it up today hopefully before this rain sets in but it corrected the problem perfectly .This go to show everyone that i am such a GREENHORN anyway it's hitting exactly where i am hold now & i am well pleased with my Covert CX1 NEVER JUST Assume like i did & i told Tony & Carbon Express that i was sorry about that hateful message i ad sent hem & i felt like a total smuck too

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    There is this paper thing that came with my CX1, I think they call it an owners manual or assembly manual. It says right in it that if you can't get your scope adjusted vertically to do just what Tony told you to do.
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    Yep my owners manual & you don't have to be sarcastic by the way i made a mistake haven't you ever made one before

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    Seems like you are the one being sarcastic. He was just pointing that out

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