String Twists - How Many?


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    String Twists - How Many?


    I understand the number of twists may or may not affect how loud the bow is but I'm wondering how many twists most people use. Hoyt recommends not less than 10 and not more than 50. I have a 70" Hoyt GM. I build my own strings so I can adjust it so after initial stretch I can go low or on the high end.

    The twists I'm referring to are based on a given brace height ie 9" not the fact that more twists will give a higher brace height.

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    String twists

    Sir - I also shoot a Hoyt Gold Medalist and I have 40 twists in the string that came with the bow. Bow shoots great. I started with 5 twists, then 10 and so on until the bow really started to launch arrows correctly. I don't think all bows of the same make respond to the same amount of twists, so go slow.

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    String twist is an old wives tale, you simply twist the string to get the strands to bunch together,the number of twist cannot have any baring on the shootability of the string. String twist affects the tune more than anything else giving the impression that a specific number of twist for a string is requiered

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    I also shoot a 70" Hoyt Gold Medalist and I've got 35 twists on the string that came with the bow. 35 twists brings my brace height to 8.75". As mentioned Hoyt recommends more than 10 and less than 50. They also suggest a brace height of 8.75 to 9.50.

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    10-50 is a good guiding principle. You twist the string to prevent it from "ballooning" when released. Also has other benefits.

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    Actually, string twist SHOULD affect stability to some degree. Think about it.........twist several pieces of kite string together several times, and pull it fairly snug. The more twists the bunch has, the harder it will be, if not impossible, to remove one of the strands. The friction of each string on it's neighbor should help stabilize the string for twist. One strand no longer exists because of the friction it places on all the other strands, making it a string.

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    String twists

    I think the string is one of the most important parts of shooting a bow. If you take a bare long bow, you only have three components to think about, the bow, the string, and the arrow. To get the arrow launched properly, you need to have the proper string, or twists in the string. Kooi, in his mathematical formulas on the recurve gives the string a value, as it must be included in the overall picture of bow preformance and the arrows preformance. Depending on the arrows spine and the weight of the bow, the string (which controls brace height) is a critical factor on how the arrow will fly.

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