Shooting My CE Covert CX1

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    Wink Shooting My CE Covert CX1

    I got my replacement scope rings in today & i installed them & took it into the back yard & started doing some shooting to re aline my scope & it only took 4 shots before i was startinng to touch the bolts so i started shooting at different dots on my Black Hole target & it's deadly at 20 yards my lower back started acting up & throbbing so i just stopped for today & when i get to feeling better i will finish it up & then my CX1 will be good to go untill i breakout my CE Dual XT Serrated Fixed Blade 100 grain broad heads with my CE Maxima 20" Blue Streak bolts & get it fine tuned for the hunt this fall & i am counting the days lol . I will admit i have had a quirk or two with my new CX1 & in the end it turned out to be me & not my crossbow well everything is shooting good now & i couldn't be any more thrilled with my CE Covert CX1 Package

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    How is the Black Hole target holding up for you?

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