I got to shoot my Covert CX1 again late yesterday evening & i finally got it grouping dead center at the 25 yard according to my rangefinder & next i am going to move on out to 30-40 yards & see how well it shoots at the longer ranges I have proved that my CX1 loves those Carbon Express 20" Maxima Blue Streak bolts they are lightning fast & hit so hard it's knovking over my 18: Field Logic Black Hole Target & it weighs around 10-12 pounds that's how hard it's shooting I am very well pleased with my Carbon Express set up & i am gonna get them deer in my freezer this season lol I love it & i have had more pure fun shooting my crossbow than any gun i have ever used crossbows get my heart pounding like a gun never did I AM NOT DISSING GUNS IN ANY WAY i have found my calling with the crossbow more to come . Please fellas don't think that i am just bragging i am thrilled with my CX1 rig & i want to share it with all of my fella crossbow hunters & i still have a lot to learn yet I am still a GREENHORN lol