Yes, another Thread on Ohio Bowhunting


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    Yes, another Thread on Ohio Bowhunting

    Hey guys, new to the thread here, so please pardon one more thread related to bow hunting in Ohio. I've been up that way for three years now hunting on a private farm in Knox Co. Great guy and great area, he just lets anyone for my 8-10 days a year I have a tough time dealing with the pressure from the locals. Don't blame those guys at all, just a little frustrating. Like everyone else, I would love to tie up a lease, but that has proven to be very difficult for an outside guy as well.

    So...anyone know of any landowners interested in leasing some property in Central or Southern Ohio? Crazy question I know, but I have tried everything else, so why not. Outside of that, is the AEP or State public land worth considering. Not affraid to walk, just have no idea where to even start. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Sent you two messages about OHIO land don't know if you got them or not thanks

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    Look up Tar Hollow, in southeastern Ohio. All public land and very few hunters on it. There's a little over 14,000 acres if my mind is working right.

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