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    Finding center shot - Smoke


    I have a hard time finding center shot on the Smoke and would like to ask for some advice and opinion.

    I adjusted the vertical position of the rest by eye... nocking an arrow and looking up and down from the cams, following the string and the center of the riser and it all seemed to line up... arrow, riser and string but arrows go slightly to the right on my short 16-17 yard garage range.

    So, I place another arrow on the riser, parallel to the nocked arrow and it is clear that the nocked arrow is pointing to the right.

    I move the rest to the left and now the nocked arrow lines up with the parallel arrow but looking down the string and riser it looks to be way out, to the left.

    Am I missing something? Do I have to go hardcore and start twisting cable to get everything lined up?

    I actually ordered new strings from JBK which were shipped today... it will take a few days for them to get here (Europe) though... don't know if that will solve my problem though.

    Thoughts, advice and opinions are welcome, Q
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    Did you throw on a stabilizer.see how the string looks is it in middle of stabilizer.
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    I use a bow square off the inside of the riser to measure the right left position of the string. Next flip the square over to point forward. Transfer the string right left dimension to the centerline of the arrow. Now you are ready to paper tune then walk back tune. I find that most of my compound bows tune with the Arrow slightly inside ( toward the riser ) the string centerline dimension.

    A helpful tool to have is a short fletched Arrow like bigHUN uses. Check out his posts to get a look at the setup Arrow.

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    I agree with you. Centershot is hard to find on the smoke. It does not seem to be the center of the riser, but rather to the left. I cannot really grasp why.
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