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Thread: Made the decision to start running...NEED ADVICE

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    Some of you guys must be as fragile as porcelain dolls. Run until you're uncomfortable and keep running but not to where it's painful, thats the threshhold you want.

    Run hills and integrate sprints into your runs, you burn more calories if you start out fast, though if you go all out sprinting there won't be much of a run left. Get good shoes fitted properly, you dont need all UA stuff, though I do, it's not necessary it's just what I prefer. If soaking cotton shirts is what you want, well you should join the army.

    Anyways it's not hard, if you can't run or feel too tired, atleast walk the distance you were going to run to get the mileage. Slowly your body will make you want to run on the days you walk. Do daily doubles if you want, don't be a pansy like some of these guys on here, you're young at 23 you won't break yourself. Integrate swimming into your workout, it'll help you stretch out your muscles but also get your cardio up without the impact of the ground. It's really just getting off the couch and walking/running and not overdoing yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RunThemAll View Post
    Are you still running? I recommend entering weekly 5K events.
    That would get quite expensive. Id say if you need something like that to motivate you, do a progressive 5k 10k etc. Personally, my motivation is looking in the mirror.

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    Download a good GPS running app, and as others have said, good shoes. If you go minimal follow the protocol to get their. I fast tracked and had a painful transition. Nonetheless I made it work but there are specific prescriptions to get there. Now I can't stand to wear anything other than a zero drop shoe. I never started seriously running until 29. I have crossed over 1000 miles in the last two years and truly enjoy it. Mix up your course and take it slow and you will grow to love it. If you have kids get you a jogging stroller and take them along for the ride.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GATOR-EYE View Post
    Dang there's a lot of BS getting slung around in this thread,

    I suggest going to a running forum and ask the same question, hopefully you'll end up with better answers.
    I agree with this.
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