Nock set for stringwalking?


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    Nock set for stringwalking?

    I am not a string walker, but for hunting (bare bow), I am finding an advantage in hooking the string about 1/4" to 1/2" below the nock set, to raise the arrow in my vision. I have been able to get a decent bare shaft, but not perfect. It may well be my spine is not perfect. But I am curious, what adjustments would you expect to have to make to nock set position? Lower? Higher? The set up seems to want lower. Can somebody give me the benefit of some experience?

    As always, thanks for the online coaching.
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    I stringwalk recurves & prefer nock point 3/8" above the rest - dont SW my wheelie tho' so this may only be of limited use - in general your rest will take more abuse with SW - a Timberdoidle might be useful to allow different lower blade thickness depending on how things go with tuning - not sure about a springy but someone may add more info - M

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    I have been string walking for about 18 months...with a recurve so this may not be much use. You will need a 2nd nock set below the arrow (which I am sure you already know)...arrow flight is really inconsistent when the arrow slides
    down the string! I have found that nock height depends on how I have my tiller set...if I run my tiller even an my knock point is at just under 3/8, if I am shooting with 1/8 to 1/4 negative tiller then my bow prefers my nock point at dead even.
    Tiller is just one variable that affects nock height....arrow spine, draw length, brace height, etc. can all have an effect.

    I tune for the best flight I can get at 50 meters, (which happens to be 3 under/point on with this bow and these arrows) to shoot FITA and NFAA Field so all my other crawl distances are a compromise. If I were tuning for 1 crawl I would
    set the nock height at whatever gave me the arrow flight I was looking for and not worry too much more about it.

    Again, this is for my recurve bow. I have never string walked a compound, however I should have a NB Horizon start testing (playing) with in a couple of weeks... then I'll really be confused.

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