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Thread: Help! Muscle injuries from shooting

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    Help! Muscle injuries from shooting

    First of all, I shoot a lot. Pretty much an hour or more per day when the weather allows.
    When I was shooting my pse freak at 70 pounds, I started having muscle strains in the back muscles used to hold. So I dropped the weight down to 64. After allowing my muscles several days to heal, I went back to shooting my normal routine. Now six months later I'm back down with the same muscle strain. It feels like something popped and now I have a good bit of pain if I just move incorrectly.
    I try to stretch before, during and after each shooting session.
    Suggestions? Should I seek lower poundage limbs for my freak? Maybe 50-60?
    I'm seriously getting worried that I might not be able to shoot at all one day.

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    I recommend you get yourself checked out by your physician, you might have pulled something or popped something out of place? He or she will be able to give you a proper diagnosis and let you know whether you need rest or physical therapy or whatever.

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    Good advice. It's already in the works. Just wondered if perhaps lowering the bow poundage would help.

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    Hold off on shooting until you're able to find out from your doc exactly what is behind the problem. A week or two of not shooting will not hurt you at all, but shooting injured for a couple of weeks can cause very serious damage--even at a lower draw weight.
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    Montigre, sounds like solid advice.

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    I had problems once too, I stopped shooting completely for a couple months. When I felt ready I bought a used Oneida for like $100 on eBay, 50 pounds. Shot it for a year and them slowly worked up to 64 pounds now with a helim. 60 pounds with a C4.

    Not trying to be a fanboy but if all the bows I've owned Oneida was the easiest to pull, followed by mathews conquest 4. Pse bows are nice but very aggressive IMO.

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    Your body is telling you your shooting too much... Muscles need time to recover.

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    I'm a chiropractor in a sports injury and rehabilitation center. When you get your shoulder evaluated, they should be looking at your shoulder movement and mechanics. Often with our "modernized" posture at the office, we lose mobility in our spine and shoulder blade. Once that occurs, the actual shoulder joint (the ball and socket) tends to get over worked. Furthermore, your muscles begin to work overtime and through non-ideal movement patterns, causing them to fatigue faster.

    The same concepts apply to many sports or jobs, tennis, golf, any throwing motion, etc.

    If a mobility issue in the spine or shoulder blade is present, foam rolling (or using a tennis ball to roll) is great for releasing tension in the muscles. However, you still need to fix the actual shoulder movement to have the situation resolve completely

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    Muscles pull and muscles strain is very common.Take Naproxen to reduce the pain and improve you ability to move around. Use ice in pain area. Milk is also very helpful for bone and muscles strength.

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    Thanks for the advice everyone. Going to the doctor tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carpedebass View Post
    Thanks for the advice everyone. Going to the doctor tomorrow.
    Let us know the outcome, glad your going to the doc to get checked out!

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    you might have a draw that is too long or too short...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neumonic View Post
    Let us know the outcome, glad your going to the doc to get checked out!
    Very interesting conversation with the Doc. Turns out the pulled muscle was in my chest. The pain radiated to my shoulder/back. Doc made me go through the drawing motion all the way to holding several times while feeling around to see what was being used and what wasn't. She said my stretching regimen was good for back and shoulder muscles, but did nothing for the chest muscles. Apparently I use them on part of the draw before transferring the hold to the back muscles. The solution is to do wall pushups, holding the down position for 4-5 seconds and giving that chest muscle a good stretch. I'm back to shooting this morning for the first time in several weeks. So far, so good.

    By the way, I have had my form checked, re-checked and triple checked multiple times by a pro whom I trust. It's not draw length or form issues that caused this.

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    Continuous shooting also can create problems. I think you need to see some nice chiropractor at back pain treatment chiropractor Fairfax, *VA. May be they can relieved you from your pain.

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    Good luck with your Doctors appointment. You're smart to take a break and get it checked out. If you don't have any serious issues and get the go ahead to resume shooting, you might want to try out some different bows to find one that agrees with you more. Lower poundage can help and perhaps a less agressive draw cycle would put less strain on your body. I shoot an older Mathews Drenalin for that reason. It's a single cam with a very smooth draw cycle that puts less wear and tear on an old shoulder injury. Buidling up poundage gradually can help too. Add a couple pounds at a time as you build up strength.

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