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Thread: Barnett Quad 400

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    Barnett Quad 400

    Does anyone have any advice on bolts for a Horton Quad 400 xbow ? I'm not sure of the length,thinking 20" and the weight.

    Who makes some good bolts for this machine ?
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    I meant to type Barnet Quad 400, not Horton. I found out it calls for 22 inch bolts.
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    22'' only, and i shoot Black Eagle Executioners, they shoot great for me and provide a perfect hunting weight, i use a 100 grain broadhead

    you can find them on ebay starting @ 34.99 for half a dozen
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    What kinda total weight would be acceptable.

    I'm thinking heavier might be easier on the limbs ? Any truth to that ?
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    Heavier arrows will make your bow quiter,and puts less recoil on the limbs.
    It also gives greater penetration into game,which helps if you hit a shoulder bone etc etc.

    Always err on the side of heavy when your unsure.

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    I use the 22" bolts for mine.

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