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Thread: Accessorizing the Sage

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    Accessorizing the Sage

    Or whatever other Samick bow anyway. Caution - noob questions follow.....

    I've shot my 50# Sage for a while now and am comfy with it for the most part, so I am looking for what I need to set up the bow for hunting something more tasty than bag targets this fall.

    Aside from the obvious brush buttons and string silencers, what is the general thought about elevated rests? On the surface they would seem to make arrow flight more consistent than shooting off of the rug.

    Still kicking around what type of quiver I like. The bow-mounted quivers that I've used were just plain uncomfortable, although my rank noob-ness makes that claim fairly dubious.

    What else would be "typical?" I have switched from a split grip to 3-under and am shooting much better that way, and wonder if I need to adjust my nocks - I'm sure that an elevated rest would require the same.

    Or not.

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    Went to a flipper rest II on my 40# Sage. Very smooth, easy on feathers, very consistent launch. Cheap too!P8020030.jpg Renock after installing the rest, resting your square on the rest and use 3/16 to 1/2" above square. I shoot three under with this set-up and get very good results . My sage really responded well to tuning and went quiet at an 8" brace height.

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    Guys, how are your arrows fletched for Samick? I mean - where is the cock vane when you shoot off-the-shelf (probably up, at 12 o'clock?), and does it need to change when you install arrow rest like Flipper (now it probably has to be at 9 o'clock?)?

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