Barracuda vs. Winners Choice


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    Barracuda vs. Winners Choice

    My experience tells me this:

    Stock string shot great and bow tuned for about 300 shots with being tuned once after 50 shots, and 150 shots. Shot the bow for the last 3 months and could see arrow kicking out between 10 to 20 yards. I decided to tune the bow about a month ago. Could not get it to tune. I had a stripped screw in my Trophy Ridge Drop Zone and wrote the company and got a new rest from their incredible warranty team about two weeks ago. Still could not get the bow to tune with new rest. I never really got the left tear out originally, but I got close with my center shot just under 5/8. The more the string and cable stretched the bigger the left tear. I tried yoke tuning and everything else under the sun.
    Today I put a WC string and cable on my bow. My pro shop likes to tune bows with fletched arrows at 3' from the paper. I got home after shooting 80 shots at the range at the pro shop and shot the bow some more. I started to paper tune the bow at 8' and guess what? I had a RIGHT tear....a right tear!!! I had to move my rest out to 11/16. This is a first. I got field tips, unfletched and broadheads making a bullet hole. I dont think that I should have had to pay for an $85 string and cable to do this after four short months of shooting a brand new bow, but I did. I have only shot the new string about 140 or so times today, but I am thinking that I am moving in the "right" direction. I wish I had only done this sooner. Bow season here in NE Florida starts in two weeks. I am not saying that a new string is necessary on every SB that has a left tear but it fixed mine. I had a lot of serving wear and tear and stretch. I hope that this solves some issues for some of you as it did for me.
    Thanks to Ft. Caroline Archery in Jacksonville, FL for stocking the WC string and cables (and at a great price over their competitors) and to Chris in particular who puts up with my nitpicking and question after question after nitpicking.
    I hope that after 1000 shots I will have the same tear through paper as I do now. I never had this tear with the stock string and I hope that Matt hears about this and makes a better string and cable set for his incredible bow. I shot one of my own arrows at 50 yards today for the first time ever with a total of a 2" group at 50 yards. The thing is that I shoot expensive arrows and kick myself in the butt for it seeing how I am now down to nine arrows. Two others were lost during attempting to bare shaft tune. I have a swamp behind my house that eats arrows that arent stopped by the target. Anyone local have a metal detector?

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    You're right. For the cost of the bow they should come with premium strings on as well. Unfortunately this is not the case with the majority of bows, including Mathews. I have no experience with the Barracuda strings, but the Zebra's have a pretty bad reputation, so I would only assume that the Barracuda's are much the same.

    I have learned within the past 2 years to just accept the fact that if I want a bow that will tune, and stay in tune then I must put GOOD aftermarket strings on the bow.

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    Hutch~N~Son strings by Bowstring Depot

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    50 yards with bare shafts ? You're a better man than I am Gunga Din.... Good move on the strings; most factory strings shouldn't be kept in the home since they stink so much.....

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    From now on, I won't buy a bow without ordering new WCs to put on it before I take it home,

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    good you made a great choice in strings....first thing i do when i get a new bow is order a good string and cable far as i'm concerned there are only 2 good choice are great as well as vapor trail strings....i have used both...i get the best performance on my hoyts with the vapor trails...but that is only my preferance...i did notice 6-9 feet per sec. gain with the vapor trails... their new vpx series strings are the best money can buy....and they cost less than winners choice...anyone out there not getting a vapor trail is really missing out....and as for zebra's well "nothing more than mathews brand stock string" they are junk! the guys winning the big shows are using either vapor trail or winners the way because of the x coating on the winners choice the vapor trail does work better on hoyts.....and after 15-30 shots there is no peep twist for those who dont like the rubber tube

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    I agree with the evaluations of WC and VaporTrail strings. Definately the two best strings in mass production. I don't own a Switchback but I work for a Mathews dealer proshop and I know quite a bit from selling, tuning, testing, and working in general with them and the Barracuda strings. For anyone strictly hunting or not necessarily concerned with putting 3 arrows in a matchbook at 50-80 yards, the Barracuda string is perfectly fine and will more than likely appease them. For those of us who are concerned with knocking the center out of that X, it would be wise to Switchback to a nice aftermarket string. (I'm sorry for that lame pun.) The Barracuda does stretch and twist; maybe more than a standard Zebra; and the serving on some of the earlier produced strings are inept. Infact, the Zebra strings that came on my Mathews bows (LX and BlackMax2) had cable serving issues as well as twisting and stretching problems, however the strings were extremely durable and my LX string and cable (after I fixed the serving) is still in good shape even after almost 3 years of use. I learned better though (as I was only 16 when I got this bow: my first Mathews) and recently put a string and cable on that I made with the help of one of our proshop's staff shooters and 2004 NFAA National Champ (look that up, he deserves the credit).

    Anyway, sorry for the rambling, but I thought I'd give my input and put it out there that I do know a pretty decent ammount about archery and equipment, even though I'm relatively young (18), and would like to help anyone in any way I can. I guess that's why a lot of us are on here though so, I guess that was sort of wasted space. Meh, just want to be helpful if I can. Have fun and good shooting.

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    Cartoon Cowboy, please explain to me what you mean by the x-coat not working as well on hoyt bows? I dont understand why no x-coat would work better on hoyt as compared to others.

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    I Had A Bad Experience With Winners Choice Stringes Now Known As Losers Choice. Coating On The Outside Of The Strings Started To Come A Part And Turn In To A Spider Nest. Vapor Trails Seem To Be The Strings

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