Ever eat a woodchuck/Ground hog?


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    Ever eat a woodchuck/Ground hog?

    I have a pesky woodchuck in my garden that I would like to consume. Have you ever eaten them, are they good, how do you cook them, or is it a waste of time? Please let me know what you think even if it doesn't seem that helpful. Thank you very much, and good hunting this fall!
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    no but I have drunk it as a cider
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    I have never ate one but was told the younger ones are good.

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    Actually they are pretty good eatin'. Throw the meat in a crock pot and let it cook slow. You can add some BBQ sauce to it if you want, or just season with salt, pepper, onion, garlic, etc.
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    use the young ones in a meat pie……..

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    We have problems with them diggin under the shed and puttin holes in the yard. Plus they annoy my chocolate lab like no other who wants to defend his yard so I do some redneck hunting and sit on the deck with some beer and a pellet gun and take them out every now and then...Never thought anyone ate them ever.

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