FS LH Bezaleel takedown recurve


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    FS LH Bezaleel takedown recurve

    For sale is my takedown bow custom made by Bezaleel bowworks.
    The left hand takedown riser itself is what is custom made by Andy Bezaleel. I'm also including 45 lb Tradtech Blackmaxx limbs. Though these are commercially made, they shoot extremely well and compliment the takedown riser. Also if you choose, you can contact Andy as he would be able to make custom limbs as well.
    The bow is slightly used of course being about 2 years old, but in very good shape.

    It is a gorgeous bow and I hate to do this, but I could use the money. Asking 325.00 for everything including the soft case.

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    Sent a PM 2 days ago asking for additional information about your bow, but haven't heard back. Is the bow no longer available?

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    It is available- sorry for the delay. TTT

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    Still available- great bow- just need some extra cash!

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    ILF riser is 17 inches and limbs are ~ 23 for total length around 62"

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    Price lowered to 300 TYD!!
    Don't want to go much lower but I need the extra money. PM with any questions.

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    Price Reduced! lowest I can go is 275 TYD. Great price for an amazing bow!

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    Do you still have this bow? Do the limbs really compliment the riser? Any defects? Does it shoot well with these limbs?

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    275 is a dang no brainer for this combo. Heck so was 300. I wish I were more solvent bow fund wise I would have already bought it. Anyone eyeballing it with intent, just do it.

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    Thanks guys! PMs answered

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