WTB: Trophy Ridge Matrix/Flatliner Sight pins/sight.


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    WTB: Trophy Ridge Matrix/Flatliner Sight pins/sight.

    I was hoping someone had a trophy ridge 3 or 5 pin sight that they don't use anymore. I have a 5 pin sight, but only 3 are left. Everything else works great on this sight and just trying to get a little further distance out of it.

    PM me if you have this sight or a flat liner.

    I really just need the pins and the fiber optic cables, but would be willing to buy the sight and transfer the stuff over.


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    I have a React for sale if you dont find the pins. =)
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    I had the same scenario with a Hitman 5 I called trophy ridge and they sent me 3 pins w the fibers for free. I was waiting for the guy to ask for a card # and he says we will get them right out to ya said thanks and hung up, they arrived in the mail 3 days later.

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