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    Bear encounter

    Am thinking about updating the stock stabilizer for my bear encounter. Want a longer one to help keep steady when aiming. Anyone have the encounter have any suggestions? Shooting 27 draw 60 DW

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    I had a b stinger 8 inch with 3 oz and it held great.
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    I didnt do it with my 2013 Enounter,because I like the Doinker stabilizer on it...but I took one off my PSE,took it to a machine shop,told em what I was looking for. They measured the threads and such on my old stabilizer,and took a piece of cold rolled steel to a lathe...15mins later,I walked out with a custom stabilizer..for a whopping $20.

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    I put the b stinger hunter on mine balances real nice

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    TR static, holds good on my mauler, even in the wind, good luck on the new stab

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    I put one of the Trophy Ridge Static stabilizers on mine. Worked great.
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