So what's the insert trick when arrow tuning by cutting shafts down?


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    So what's the insert trick when arrow tuning by cutting shafts down?

    Shooting Gurus,

    I'll take the risk of asking the stupid question, but I'm getting some less than desirable arrow flight, and have thought about starting to trim down arrow length a bit at a time to get some better paper tunes. What is the trick with inserts, to keep them in while shooting (and withdrawing from a target), but able to easily remove and cut the shaft during the tuning process? Anybody have a local cure for this particular ailment that works? I'm working with both carbon and aluminum, and any suggestions are better than what I have now, which is a runaway imagination (hmmmm, candle wax, maybe that will work.....).

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    Walmart craft section hot melt glue sticks. Insert field point in the insert, heat insert just enough and apply glue, push in shaft, wipe excess. When you want to remove, heat field tip only and check frequently by twisting field point with pliers in a tightening direction until bond is loosened and pull out. They can be removed and reinserted multiple times, the hot melt holds well and is super cheap.

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    Best Glue that I found for this is Bohning Cool Blue. Melts at low temp. and keeps the inserts in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacky View Post
    Best Glue that I found for this is Bohning Cool Blue. Melts at low temp. and keeps the inserts in.
    Blacky, I agree. Absolutely the best glue ever for inserts.
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    Super glue...just heat it to remove it.
    it's easier to play with weight.
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    I suppose you guys do this? Put a field point in the arrow and heat the point until the glue melts?

    Been using Gorilla Super glue from the hardware store; the blue bottle that is impact resistant. However, will order and try the Cool Blue; sounds like it must be a better choice.
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    I like playing with OT2 archery software for checking spine. I recently backed my bow down to 62lbs and built some high FOC arrows for my first field shoots this summer. I'm shooting a 30" carbon to carbon 300 spine arrow with a 125gr point and a 50gr insert weight. I had my bow tuned to another OT2 arrow setup prior to this and after backing the weight down, these new arrows needed no tuning adjustments to shoot bareshafts with fletched at 30 yards. I only changed my sight pins and I'm good to go. Pretty impressive from a software program.
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    what is your bare shaft doing that makes you think you have a weak spine? can you post pictures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacky View Post
    Best Glue that I found for this is Bohning Cool Blue. Melts at low temp. and keeps the inserts in.
    Blacky and everyone else, many thanks for the responses. I was a bit concerned about using heat on the carbon shafts, but you gents seem comfortable with the process. Considering the things I learn on this site, I was almost expecting to have somebody show up with a recipe of common household bleach, the spit of a Peruvian iguana in rut and toe nails shavings from a half marathon finisher, which keeps the nock firmly set, until you whisper a secret line from "Spinal Tap," which unlocks the nock - and it would actually work! I'll settle for Cool Blue (or similar).

    I'm also going to try the software Mitchell suggested in another post (software TAP Pro). It seems to be working for some guys, and I'll give it a try. I had the OT2 (Pinwheel software on another computer, and may try to dig it up) That, and I'll be pushing the speed dial number for Lancaster Archery for some of the Cool Blue Glue.

    For Steve Jo, if I get a chance I'll take some pics and post and see if that helps the analysis. I've changed a lot in my form (three split glove to three under tab) some I'm reluctant to blame the tuning quite yet, but want to be ready to make changes if necessary.

    Thanks again for the help, and keep the posts coming. The Fingers Shooting Forum rules.

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